filmmaker duo based in northern italy

Our Work

Anger – Ab und zu

Imperial Life

Mainfelt Royal Rover

Villa Verde

Oehler Fashion

Alpiana Resort – Rezept zum Wohlfühlen

Need you – Max Zischg

FC Suedtirol

FF Meran

Noise – Tracy Merano

Immobilien Domus

Performative Dance

Take me back – Mainfelt

Creatures of the Night – Max Zischg

Keiner stirbt heilig – Stunde Null

Dance Performance | AIR

Find your Spirit

It’s over – Mainfelt

Mirror – Tracy Merano

Herz schlägt Herz

Globus Mode


Get yourself 3 minutes to watch our Behind the Scenes to understand how different our styles of filmmaking are and how we manage to combine them to something unique.
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who is "do whatever"?

Do Whatever, that´s Stefanie and Daniel, a couple that lives together, dreams together, works together. We both started seperatly to do films but it turned out soon that together we are able to complement eachother just perfectly:
Director & Editor

Stefanie Aichner

The calm and caring one with the eye for the estetic and visual pleasure.
Inspired by wedding films she produces emotional rolercoasters and is going to make you cry even if you dont want to. Misterious and artistic things make her brain go wild.
Director & Camera Operator

Daniel Eggert

The one who doesn’t take himself seriously.
Like at all! And he wants you to do the same.
His films are the result of countlessly asking „why“ and not taking anything for granted. Weird scenarios that throw characters off track are the core of most of his films.

The both of us together:

For us Do Whatever is not only a brand but also describes our lifestyle the best. No matter if we are going on a 400 km Tandem ride in Portugal, creating tattoos, living in a car for a month, building a self sustaining garden system or simply lying in bed talking about stupid music video ideas. We are always driven by our curiosity and our projects led by our heart and burning passion.


The first series of how we bought a camper and fully renovated it. More episodes to watch on our Youtube.
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Our non perfect but honest 20 %. travel video. Mostly filmed with a crappy 10 year old camcorder. A roadtrip through Italy.
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Daniel looking back to 10 years of filmmaking. A video about why it's ok to fail sometimes and other lessons learned. (German)
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